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    Ignite the Church

    Conference 2020

    Proceeds Benefit ELCA Fund for Leaders!

    A $2500 Gift Was Given In 2019!

    Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church

    Orlando, Florida

    February 11-13, 2020


    Regular Rate: $129

    Includes Snacks and 2 Meals

    (Thru January 31st)

    February Rate: $159

    Student Rate: $79

    2020 Intensive Electives 

    The Ignite The Church Conference is designed to take you deeper than most conferences usually do. With four inspiring Large Group Sessions and three two-hour Intensive Elective Sessions to select from, you will be given the opportunity to attend three Intensive Electives in areas of ministry that play key roles in Igniting the Church for greater Kingdom impact.


    Two-hour electives will give you time to engage each topic in greater depth. You will also be challenged to come up with a plan to apply what you've learned and to be open to selecting a partner from among the kindred spirits you meet at the conference to both encourage you and hold you accountable after you return home!

    Why Ignite The Church?

    On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany to invite public discourse about the need for change and renewal in the Church. Luther's efforts ignited the Protestant Reformation that changed history.


    500+ years later, with 80-85% of churches in the United States plateaued or declining, the Church needs to embrace a new season of change and renewal to ignite the Church for another 500 years.


    In the bold spirit of Martin Luther, the Ignite the Church Conference is an annual gathering that seeks to further Kingdom impacting conversation among leaders that will ignite the Church and help it live out its heritage of renewal in the years ahead!



    Conference Overview


    An 8-member planning team from 7 states have recruited 13 presenters from 8 states who are so passionate about the renewal of the church that they are are donating their time to serve so that conference proceeds can be given to the ELCA Fund for Leaders. Last year a gift of $2500 was shared. Presenters include innovative and creative pastors and lay leaders as well as ELCA regional and national staff who are eager to share their ministry passions with you in a unique 48 hour journey with you.


    Conference participants will gather together for four Large Group Sessions to hear a combination of presentations and panel discussions and to worship. There will be 3 two-hour intensive elective sessions. Participants will be able to attend three intensive electives during the conference selecting from 12 unique electives, 8 of which will be offered twice. Topics will focus on Reaching Younger Generations, Expanding Kingdom Impact, Church Renewal and Discipleship, Renewing Music, Vitality through Mission, Engaging Your Neighborhood, Evangelism, Social Justice, and Raising Up and Equipping Leaders. At the close of the conference, participants will gather for worship and a time to be sent out with prayer.


    Tuesday night will be free for rest or to enjoy a meal out with your friends. On Wednesday evening everyone is invited to take a field trip to Orlando's Castle Church Brewing Community, one of the ELCA’s newest and most unique mission starts. Food and beverages will be available after which we are invited to share in their weekly Wednesday worship time. Following worship participants will be invited to enjoy a Beer and Hymns / Songs fellowship time.


    70 leaders from 20 states were blessed to participate in the 2019 conference.  Join us in Orlando February 11-13, 2020 as we seek to Ignite the Church again in the spirit of the Reformation!

    2020 Ignite the Church Team Presenters

    2020 Ignite the Church
    Conference Planning Team
    Kim Heindl, Sarasota, FL
    John Herman, Greenbackville, VA
    Dan Keck, Kure Beach, NC
    Jeff Linman, Franklin, NC
    Josh Linman, Decatur, GA
    Ruth Popkin, Trail Creek, IN
    Rick Rouse - Mukilteo, WA
    Nancy Scharf, Middletown, NJ