Why Ignite the Church?

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany to invite public discourse about the need for change and renewal in the Church. Luther's efforts ignited the Protestant Reformation that changed history.


500+ years later, with 80-85% of churches in the United States plateaued or declining, the Church needs to embrace a new season of change and renewal to ignite the Church for another 500 years.


In the bold spirit of Martin Luther, the Ignite the Church Conference is a grassroots gathering designed to encourage, inspire, and challenge leaders as they serve in our rapidly changing world. Like Luther, we believe that greater Kingdom impact is possible and we strive to embrace his passion for Church renewal for the sake of future generations.


The conference was birthed in 2017 by a mission-minded group of Central Florida pastors affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The 2017 conference was attended by 30 leaders from 9 states. The 2020 conference was attended by 130 leaders from 25 states. We are praying that God will use this year's COVID-19 induced "virtual" conference to create an even larger nationwide community of passionate leaders to exponentially grow the impact of this conference! It will be exciting to see how God uses this year's conference for the sake of the Kingdom and how God grows the community that will gather for the 2022 In-Person Conference, February 8-10 in Orlando!

2021 Conference Planning Team
Kim Heindl, Sarasota, FL
John Herman, Greenbackville, VA
Dan Keck, Kure Beach, NC
Jeff Linman, Franklin, NC
Josh Linman, Decatur, GA
Ruth Popkin, Trail Creek, IN
Rick Rouse - Mukilteo, WA
Nancy Scharf, Middletown, NJ